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Do you love cooking? Would you enjoy making a positive difference to people's lives? Are you looking for a new opportunity that is fulfilling and flexible? 

Then why not become a Thermomix® Advisor and take your passion for food to the next level? Share your culinary experience and turn an everyday activity into an easy career. As an Advisor, your role is to introduce Thermomix® to your world, at your own pace. Our role is to provide you with all the support and information you need.

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Financial Independence

Who knew your love for cooking would earn you financial independence? As a Thermomix® Advisor, you profit from every sale you make. And if you don’t yet own a Thermomix®, you can earn yours with just 4 sales.   


Your time is your own to organise and you decide on the most suitable schedule for your life. Rest assured that we’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

Empowerment and
Growth Potential

Becoming a Thermomix® Advisor takes you into the world of entrepreneurship along with all the personal and professional rewards that it can bring. We have different growth possibilities for you as an Advisor and we will support you in reaching your goal.

Easy Start 

You only need to bring your passion and enthusiasm to your role as a Thermomix® Advisor – we provide the necessary tools and the training to set you up for a new career experience.

Be Part of Our Family 

It only takes a moment to join our community of Advisors, but the experiences you’ll create and the positive impact you’ll have will last a lifetime. Sign up below and one of our Advisors will get in touch to welcome you aboard. 

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