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Thermomix Friend®

Introducing the new essential kitchen appliance. This super smart device is a true friend to you, your kitchen and your Thermomix®. Allowing you to do more in less time, it works in harmony with your Thermomix® as you follow simple recipes created for parallel guided cooking. It also gives you the freedom to experiment and be daring with your dishes, elevating your cooking experience to a whole new level.

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Double up on the wonders of Thermomix®

The Thermomix Friend® is connected via Bluetooth® to your TM6 and the intuitive on-screen instructions tell you exactly when to transfer bowls of ingredients from one device to the other. The result: everything prepared on time and cooked to perfection. The TM5 can also easily be used with the Thermomix Friend® once configured manually.

Save time in the kitchen!

Saving time in the kitchen certainly makes life easier. While your Thermomix® works efficiently on one side, you can use the Thermomix Friend® on the other side for cooking, simmering, and stirring the ingredients to get them ready to incorporate when needed. With ingredients ready quicker, you have even more time to serve delicious meals to family and friends. 

Enjoy cooking with an extra pair of hands 

The Thermomix Friend® comes with a sturdy assembly block (with integrated heating system and temperature sensor), bowl, measuring cup, cooking basket and heavy-duty lid, meaning it can help you in all sorts of amazing ways in the kitchen.

Try our new Thermomix Friend® recipes

Every recipe we have created for the parallel guided cooking has been optimized to take full advantage of both devices. They are easy to follow so you will never miss a step. They are all exclusively available on our innovative Cookidoo® platform. You just need to use the filter "Thermomix Friend®" in "Additional devices" to find them.