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Explore thousands of recipes with Cookidoo®

Thanks to topic pages, a convenient search function, simple navigation, and a separate area for all your favourite recipes, you will always find recipe inspiration with Cookidoo. 

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Plant-Based Kitchen Cookbook

With more and more people consciously choosing to change their diet and explore the possibilities of plant-based eating, it can be challenging to think of new and interesting ways to cook plant-based foods. Plant-Based Kitchen has been created with this in mind. The focus of the book is on tasty plant-based main courses and we have looked at food from around the world to bring you a varied offering of recipes inspired by a range of different cuisines. From Indian-spiced curries and Mexican chilli to salads, noodles, and pasta- eating plant-based has never been more exciting or accessible.

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Ingredient Ordering
with Cookidoo®

We are pleased to introduce something very exciting for Cookidoo® users. Customers can now order recipe ingredients through the Shopping Lists function.

This new function is available on smartphones, tablets and computers. It is a smooth and effective process from choosing your weekly recipes, to adding them to your shopping list, and then to ordering the necessary ingredients. Once you have added the recipe ingredients to your shopping list, Cookidoo® will provide a link through the app to your chosen supermarket so you can complete your order and confirm a suitable delivery time. Planning your weekly meals, getting the ingredients and cooking delicious food are all made easy-peasy with Thermomix® and Cookidoo®.

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Feel inspired by

Bursting with brand new recipes, our beautifully-designed cookbooks make stunning additions to any kitchen.

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