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Mixing Bowl Lid TM5/TM6

The lid of the Thermomix® not only forms an integral part of the built-in safety measures, it also has some clever uses of its own.

The mixing bowl lid is part of the safety system of the Thermomix®, which can only be started when the lid is positioned correctly to allow the locking device to close around it.

Additionally, the mixing bowl lid also makes it easier to achieve specific cooking tasks, particularly when you need to pour ingredients in gradually. To emulsify sauces such as mayonnaise or hollandaise, you can very slowly pour oil or melted butter onto the mixing bowl lid, letting it pass around the inserted measuring cup. The lid design allows the liquid to drizzle in a thin stream onto the rotating knife – the perfect technique for emulsifying is made simple by design.


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Product Details

The shape of the mixing bowl lid is designed to be a safe, stable base that will facilitate weighing ingredients in other bowls, jugs or dishes. That means you don't always need to weigh in the Thermomix® mixing bowl itself – just set your own dish on the lid, and set the scale to zero. Or you can simply place ingredients directly onto the lid itself.


1 x TM5 Mixing Bowl Lid with Integrated Seal