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  • TM6 Splash Guard TM6 Splash Guard

    The splash guard protects against splashing of hot contents when cooking at higher temperatures.

  • Measuring Cup TM6 Measuring Cup TM6

    Used to close the hole in the mixing bowl lid, the measuring cup is also a handy 100 ml measure.

  • Varoma® Lid Varoma® Lid

    Varoma® Cover (Lid) is essential in ensuring flavours are sealed inside your Varoma to make your meal even more delcious and juicy. 

  • Mixing Bowl Complete TM6 Mixing Bowl Complete TM6

    Having a Thermomix® in your kitchen is just like having your very own sous chef. Step up your culinary experiences with an extra Mixing Bowl at your disposal, helping you multitask even more.

    *This Mixing Bowl will only work with the Thermomix® TM6.

  • Varoma® Dish TM5/TM6 Varoma® Dish TM5/TM6

    Varoma® dish (base) for the Thermomix® TM5 and Thermomix® TM6.

    When you cook in the Varoma®, the essential nutrients of your ingredients, as well as their shape, colour and aroma, will be beautifully preserved with no need to add any fat or oil. Water is heated at an even temperature in the mixing bowl and allows the steam to flow into the Varoma®, which yields perfect results every time. This is simple, healthy, fast food at its finest.

  • TM5/TM6 Mixing Bowl Lid TM5/TM6 Mixing Bowl Lid

    If you've lost or damaged your Thermomix® TM5/TM6 mixing bowl lid, you can get a replacement complete with all the clever design features! 

    The mixing bowl lid is part of the safety system of the Thermomix®, which can only be started when the lid is positioned correctly to allow the locking device to close around it. Additionally, the mixing bowl lid also makes it easier to achieve specific cooking tasks, particularly when you need to pour ingredients in gradually. 

  • TM6 Mixing Bowl Base TM6 Mixing Bowl Base

    Mixing bowl base for the Thermomix® TM6

  • Mixing Knife TM6 Mixing Knife TM6

    The knife is the heart of the Thermomix®. With it, you can vigorously chop and mince, as well as gently stir and knead.

    Whether you want to grind nuts or knead bread dough, it's all accomplished very quickly and easily and without the need to swap out additional attachments. Everything is done with a single knife attachment in one mixing bowl.

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  • Thermomix® Spatula Thermomix® Spatula

    Shaped to work perfectly with the Thermomix® mixing bowl, this latest version of the spatula is flexible and is used to easily remove the simmering basket. 

  • TM6 Simmering Basket with Lid TM6 Simmering Basket with Lid

    Food cooked in the simmering basket is held clear of the rotating knife for perfect steaming or boiling and the lid closes over it, for additional safety. 

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