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KS Flexo Attachment 15 for VK150

One of many uses: the FD15 Flexo Nozzle cleans surfaces, textiles, as well as cracks and crevices. Therefore, it is suitable for fine car interiors as well as around the home, delivering complete flexibility for your Vorwerk Kobold.



Product Details

The multifunctional FD15 Flexo Nozzle gives you three applications in one. 

The flat surface attachment allows you to clean larger areas quickly. The textile attachment allows you to clean textiles such as curtains. Finally with the crevice attachment you can get into the smallest crevices and in-between cushions. Your perfect partner for cleaning the car. 

With the oval port you can quickly and easily connect the FD15 Flexo Nozzle to the powered hose of your Vorwerk Kobold.


The multifunctional FD15 Flexo Nozzle.