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VT300 Tiger Set 1

Extremely powerful and practical, the Kobold VT300 cylinder vacuum cleaner pairs outstanding cleaning performance.


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Product Details

The VT300 cylinder vacuum cleaner has two 360° pivoting joints, preventing the vacuum cleaner from falling over or the hose getting twisted. It allows you to clean in every single corner of your home in a 11 metre radius, making vacuuming easier!

With many comprehensive attachment options, the Kobold VT300 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner can be converted into a complete and uniquely versatile cleaning system. It is specifically designed to meet every cleaning expectation, and offers the right accessories for every possible need. Changing attachments is effortless and can be managed without bending down, all at the push of a button. Ready for action!


1x KS VT300 Tiger with ESS300 Flex Hose
1x KS ESR300 Rigid Pole
1x KS EB400 Hard Floor and Carpet Electric Brush
1x KS FP300 (5x) Tiger Filter Bags VT300
1x KS Dovina Air fresheners (6 pk)