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Pet/Allergy/Mattress Set

Whether you are looking for a thorough but gentle clean to preserve delicate fabrics, or want to remove stubborn dirt and pet hair, the Kobold VK200 is the perfect addition to your household. 


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Product Details

Combined with the PB440 Brush Set and EB400 Carpet Head, the Kobold VK200 is perfect for mattress cleaning, allergy sufferers and pet owners. 

Stubborn dirt, pet hairs or lint - it doesn't matter, nothing escapes the suction power of the Kobold PB440 Electric Brush. 

Forget changing settings manually when you move from carpet to hard floors. The EB400 automatic electric brush does it all for you. 


The VK200 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Pet/Allergy/Mattress Set Consists of The Following Components: 

1 Kobold VK200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner 

1 PB440 Brush Set

1 MP440 Dry Cleaning Mattress Attachment

1 MR440 Deep Cleaning Mattress Attachment

1 KS Powered Hose 

1 Kobold EB400 Automatic Electric Brush 

6 Kobold FP200 Premium Filter Bags 

6 Dovina Fragrance Chips 

1 Electric Cable 

1 User Manual