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KS Telescopic Ext 14 VK130/31/35/36/140

With the TR14 Telescopic Tube it is easy to clean the ceiling or curtain rails, making it effortless to remove cobwebs and dust.


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Product Details

With the TR14 Telescopic Tube you can easily clean areas above the floor level - for example, under the ceiling or curtain rails. 

The TR14 Telescopic Tube can quickly and easily be connected to your Vorwerk Kobold vacuum cleaner. The TR14 Telescopic Tube allows you to connect other accessories like the SD14 Soft Nozzle directly to it. With it's angled top which can be moved to 4 positions you can easily adjust the TR14 Telescopic Tube to make it more comfortable for the task ahead. 

Please note: The TR14 Telescopic Tube is available in the current colour, which may differ from your vacuum cleaner (Vorwerk Kobold 130-135).


1 TR14 Telescopic Tube