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KS VR300 Base Station

At the VR300 base station, the VR300 vacuum robot automatically recharges its batteries. The VR300 returns to the base station after every use.


Few available

Product Details

Kobold VR300 base unit to use to charge your VR300 robot. Your VR300 automatically returns to the base station when needed to recharge.

One battery charge cleans up to 120 square meters of floor space. The battery life is up to 90 minutes.

Our Vorwerk recommendation:

If you want to use your robotic vacuum cleaner on several floors, it is worthwhile to add another base station per floor so that the robotic vacuum cleaner can be charged comfortably.

The base station should remain connected to the power supply without interruption. If the base station is not connected to the power supply, the vacuum robot can not dock to the base station.

This base station is not compatible with the VR100 and VR200.


Included in the box is 1 Kobold VR300 charging base (no power cord included)