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  • Extension Arm VG100 Extension Arm VG100

    The unique Vorwerk Kobold VG100 window cleaner in one step washes windows and vacuums up the dirty water, leaving windows clean, dry and streak free. This telescopic extension arm helps you to reach high windows with your vacuum washer.

    Few Available
  • KS Cleaning conc. GC100 200ml VG100 KS Cleaning conc. GC100 200ml VG100

    The Kobold GC100 Glass Cleaning Concentrate is designed for use with the VG100 Window Cleaner. Brilliantly removes dirt from glass, windows and mirrors without any streak.

  • KS MF100 window cleaning wipes x2 VG100 KS MF100 window cleaning wipes x2 VG100

    MF100 Window Cleaning Cloths for your VG100.

    Few Available
  • KS Filter Unit VC100 KS Filter Unit VC100

    Filter for your VC100 handheld vacuum cleaner.

  • Kobold Cleaning Care Kit Kobold Cleaning Care Kit

    The Kobold Care Kit ensures easy maintenance and the optimal performance of your Kobold product.

  • KS Crevice attachments VC100 KS Crevice attachments VC100

    Expand your VC100 handheld vacuum cleaner with Kobold NC10 crevice attachment set, the nozzle is ideal for hard to reach areas and brush attachment is great for gentle cleaning of sensitive surfaces.

    Out of Stock
  • KS Charging Station VC100 KS Charging Station VC100

    Charging station for you VC100 handheld vacuum cleaner.

    Not available