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KS SD15 Soft Nozzle

Ideal for a gentle clean, the Kobold SD15 Soft Nozzle removes dust with a soft brush without scratches when vaccuming.



Product Details

Electronic duster suitable for sensitive surfaces, such as computers, shelves, lamps and more. With an adjustable bristle length for efficient cleaning,
the SD15 Soft Nozzle removes the dust with a soft bristle wreath preventing it from being whirled up. All particles are immediately absorbed.

Top tip: Use the Kobold SD15 soft nozzle in conjunction with the Kobold TR15 telescopic tube to clean delicate chandeliers or ceiling lamps gently and thoroughly.

Please note, this product requires the SB100 Hose.


What's in the Box?

  • 1 Kobold SD15 Soft Nozzle