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VR300 UK

Equipped with a sophisticated laser navigation system and more than a dozen sensors, the Kobold VR300 Robot Vacuum Cleaner can maneuver around virtually any obstacle


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Product Details

  • The Kobold VR300 navigates its way around the home line by line, using SLAM technology (simultaneous localisation and mapping).
  • The three ultrasonic sensors are even able to detect transparent or highly reflective obstacles before the robot reaches them.
  • The ultrasonic sensors are supplemented by contact sensors on the bumper, which ensure that the Kobold VR300 only makes the slightest contact with obstacles before navigating around them.
  • Thanks to the infrared sensors, the robot vacuum cleaner is able to move along walls and recognise drops, such as stairs.
  • As it can overcome obstacles up to 2cm high and climb over carpets up to 1.5cm high, it is able to clean the whole living area with ease.


What's in the box?

  • Kobold VR300 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with main brush
  • Kobold VR300 Base-charging station
  • Kobold VR300 Power Cable
  • Kobold VR300 Side Brush
  • Kobold VR300 Dust Bin
  • Kobold VR300 Filter