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Vorwerk Advisor Caroline shares her best time saving cleaning tips

Ready for a spring clean? Check out Vorwerk Advisor Caroline's home hacks

Caroline's home hacks

We're all clean freaks here at Vorwerk! Being a Vorwerk advisor means I have to be on top of my game on all things hygiene.

From removing mould from walls, to refreshing smelly dish clothes, here are four of my top cleaning short cuts to help you speed up the clean up.

  1. To clean shower screens, loos, basins and taps, use white wine vinegar. It removes hard water stains with ease.
  2. If you have smelly dish cloths or sponges, put them in the microwave when they’re damp for a couple of minutes with a bowl of hot water and lemon. They will smell fresh for the day afterwards, and it also helps to kill all the bacteria!
  3. If you have a waste disposal unit which smells, run a whole lemon through it. It’ll soon be smelling fresh as a daisy.
  4. To get rid of black mould on walls, apply neat bleach (wearing gloves of course). Do not rinse off. The bleach will kill the mould and keep it at bay for months.
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