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Is your vacuum cleaner making your dust allergies worse?

We all love a fresh and clean home, so when we see dust, dirt, and debris building up in our homes, our house proud reaction is to reach for the vacuum cleaner - but there’s a dirty little secret you may not be aware of.

Friend or foe?  

When it comes to cleaning your house, we rely on our vacuum cleaners to remove dust, dirt and allergens from our floors, carpets, and soft furnishings.   But there’s a secret you should know…not all vacuum cleaners are created equal.  Some lesser models might look like they are cleaning your home, but they can often be sabotaging your cleaning efforts by just stirring up the dirt, and triggering allergies.

Have you ever vacuumed your home and noticed small particles floating in the air?

These little particles are much more noticeable in direct sunlight; you’ve probably noticed them on a nice summer’s day.  While you think you’ve been vacuuming up the dust, you’ve actually just made all of the dust, dirt and allergens airborne. Mostly, this is caused by old or cheap vacuum cleaners – so don’t stop vacuuming! 

The science…

There are two types of vacuum cleaners: cylinder bag-less vacuums or filter bag vacuums. Here at Kobold we use the latter. Our filter bags have an integrated HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter layer which traps 99.99% of all vacuumed particles and allergenic substances such as pollen, mould spores and dust mite faeces.

Using filter bags also stops the likelihood of these particles becoming airborne when you vacuum cleaner is full. Emptying a cylinder bag-less vacuum straight into the bin disturbs the dirt and dust once again, and microscopic particles can escape without you even realising. When using a bag, the dust is sealed off and so unable to escape into the open once more.

Have you ever vacuumed your home and noticed a bad smell?

We hope that by using a vacuum cleaner, our homes will smell clean and fresh - not worse. If your vacuum cleaner is causing a smell when cleaning, then the vacuum itself needs a clean. This smell is coming from particles that have been living in your vacuum cleaner for some time. Look out for blockages and make sure all of your filters have been cleaned.

Own a Kobold? Our filter bags have integrated active odour pearls that neutralise bad odours while vacuuming. Simply change your bags regularly to avoid build-up.

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