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Top five tips to ensure you vacuum the right way

Easy ways to ensure you enjoy the best cleaning experience
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We’ve all been there when we’ve started vacuuming and nothing has been picked up because the vacuum is full of hair from the last clean, or we’ve gone too quickly and not done a ‘proper job’.

So, to make sure you make the most of your vacuuming and save precious time in your busy day-to-day living, here’s our list of things you should check to make sure you get the best results from your cleaning efforts. 

Dust beforehand

You might think this is creating extra work but a spot of dusting before you vacuum can really help create a cleaner environment in your home. It also means that after dusting, any particles that you’ve loosened will most likely settle on the floor - so you can vacuum them up with minimum fuss.

Vacuum in all directions

North and south, east and west – vacuuming multiple times in these directions will ensure carpet fibres and dust receive a more intense, quality clean.

Attachments are there to be used

Treat your vacuum like you would a car with gadgets and attachments to give you a better driving experience. If your vacuum has attachments to get into difficult spots – use them and reap the benefits of an easier, more efficient clean.

Remove clogged up hair

It’s a simple thing but removing hair before you begin your vacuuming or straight afterwards will not only save time on the next cleaning spree, but it will also keep your machine in a much better condition and ensure it’s functioning to its best ability.

Vacuum slowly

It’s easy to do a bit of a rushed job when trying to get your jobs done quickly, but going too quickly can double the time it takes for you to properly clean. Vacuuming slowly allows for the brush to penetrate the dirt easier and pick up those unwanted dust particles.

Happy vacuuming! 

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