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Sales Advisor Claudia shares her home hacks

Our Sales Advisor Claudia has put together some of her favourite cleaning tips

Claudia's home hacks

As a Sales Advisor at Vorwerk cleaning is always the topic of conversation!

I've learned loads of amazing home hacks during my career here, and just in time for the spring clean, I’d like to share a few of my favourite tricks and tips to speed up your housework! Here are three of my favourite tips.

  1. To clean glossy black surfaces like kitchen tops,  window cleaner and an e-cloth are the perfect pairing.
  2. To get rid of white heat rings on a polished table, put a tea towel on the mark and iron on a low heat in short bursts. This will re-melt the wax/varnish and make the mark disappear!
  3. Is your fridge starting to smell a bit funny? Put a little bowl of bicarbonate of soda inside, which will absorb the smell!
Have you got a great cleaning tip or trick that everyone should know about? Share it with us on Twitter using #HomeHacks and tagging @VorwerkUK between 13-18 February and you could win one of 20 Vorwerk window cleaning kits.

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