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5 ways to prepare for guests when you don’t have much time

Quick and easy ways to get your home ready for visitors

If you don’t have much time to prepare for guests arriving at your home, or you’ve got guests on their way unexpectedly, we all need some speedy hacks to keep up clean and tidy appearances!

Here’s some quick and easy ways you can get ready for visitors when you’re short on time.

  1. Get rid of the clutter. Whether this means loading dirty dishes into the dishwasher or moving that pile of shoes into a nearby cupboard, make sure the surfaces and floors are clean and clear. According to Vorwerk research, 72% of us have go-to shortcuts to make our homes look tidier and are well prepared for guests – and that includes nearly a third (29%) of UK adults admitting to having a junk room with 15% opting to hiding things under the bed!
  2. Clean the surfaces and floors. Forget gathering all of your cleaning tools, three-quarters of us reach for the vacuum cleaner when it comes to getting things in order. And, even better, the Vorwerk Kobold VK200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner can not only cut your cleaning time in half but leave you with even more time to prepare for the arrival of guests. Prioritise the rooms and clean the ones that your visitors will be using the most. According to our findings, nearly half of us (44%) prioritise cleaning the living room ahead of the bathroom (19%) and kitchen (14%).
  3. Bad smell? Light a candle. In our research, we admitted to plenty of quick-fix cleaning methods when getting ready for visitors – 17% of us resort to lighting a candle to mask any bad smells (particularly animal odours!). Lighting a candle will set a nice atmosphere in your house, as well as leaving a gentle scented trail.
  4. Wipe your bathroom surfaces clean. Prepare the bathroom for visitors by focusing on the surfaces. Bathroom surfaces are often white or pale in colour meaning they show dirt much more easily. Give your bathroom a quick once over with a wipe or cloth, ensuring the toilet, sink and taps are all clean. There’s also our VG100 Window Cleaner to give a quick, streak-free finish on windows, shower enclosures and mirrors.
  5. Set the table. With guests on their way, you don’t have much time for tidying or preparation – but sprucing up the table with a clean tablecloth and place settings can make a big difference. This makes your kitchen or dining room seem cosier and fuller, meaning guests are less likely to notice mess elsewhere. A clean tablecloth can also help to hide any marks or stains on the table. And, whilst you’re sorting the table, why not set off the VR200 Robot Vacuum Cleaner to work on the floor to double-up your cleaning efforts!

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