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How to clean expensive floor coverings with a vacuum cleaner

Cleaning cheap floor coverings is usually no problem and can be done quickly, but antique or sensitive carpets need much more care.
When it comes to cleaning antique or sensitive carpets, naturally you’ll want to take much more care.

PVC floor coverings are notoriously easy to clean and therefore very popular. They can be scrubbed with water or abrasive cleaners time and time again without so much as a hint of damage, and these sturdy floor coverings can take everyday soilings or the odd coffee or wine stain with ease.

But what about your oriental rug, passed down through generations or your high-end woven carpet that you saved up for for a lifetime? These carpets have an emotional value and it is very important to clean these gently but nevertheless thoroughly.

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VACUUMing does more than you think 

When cleaning regular and more robust carpets, you are safe to use high suction power without any worries. However, for gently cleaning sensitive carpets, you should pay attention to a few things to ensure that you prevent wearing and damaging the carpet.

Ideally we’d recommend using a vacuum cleaner that adapts its suction power automatically, and can also be turned down to a low setting where necessary.

Ideally, you should try and test the suction power on a more hidden area, and check whether any fibres are being pulled out. If they are, don’t use this vacuum on a delicate carpet!


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Clever cleaning products are indispensable when it comes to getting your home sparkling clean.

But if you come across a horrible, brown coffee stain on your oriental carpet or patchwork rug, you’ll need to be a little more savvy with the product you use to clean it up. On more sensitive materials, chemical cleaning agents and care products can cause an adverse reaction, discolour them, or in the worst case etch them away over time.

To avoid this, make sure you choose and apply your cleaning detergents carefully. A quick (and proven) remedy for removing coffee stains is dampening with mineral water; and for chewing gum, a simple ice cube applied to the gum should do the trick.

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