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The five most popular spring cleaning chores

Are you planning a spring clean this year like two thirds (67%) of the UK? Here are the top five cleaning jobs people will be tackling in 2018.
Sorting through drawers and cupboards, throwing out old clothes, and cleaning windows are cleaning tasks that the majority of Brits will be prioritising with their spring clean this year.

Many people feel the need to have a deep, thorough clean at this time of the year in order to feel more organised (61%) and hygienic (41%), with a third (29%) of the nation buckling up for a spring clean because they are house proud.

With homeowners and renters planning on spending extra time cleaning this season, here are the top five chores which will be taking place across the country and tips on how to do each one quickly and effectively.

1. Sorting through drawers and cupboards

The most popular spring cleaning task for UK homeowners and renters this year will be to sort through drawers and cupboards, with 80% of the nation putting this at the top of their chores list.

Organise your drawers effectively by dividing your items into different categories and using a different drawer for each category. Alternatively, invest in a multi-section drawer insert to help to separate your items.

Always make sure you give your drawers a clean once they’re empty to remove any dust and dirt. Our VC100 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is great for this because its small, light design makes it easy to pick up and clean those hard-to-reach tight spaces.  

2. Cleaning the windows

Over three quarters (77%) of people living in the UK state they will be cleaning their windows as part of their spring clean. Investing in a window cleaning product will make it super quick and easy to keep your windows shiny and clean. Our VG100 Window Cleaner wets the window, removes the dirt and sucks away the water in one single step, saving you heaps of time.

3. Throwing away old clothes

A whole new wardrobe is a priority for 76% of the nation. There are bound to be clothes in your wardrobe that haven’t seen daylight over the past year. And these are the items of clothes which you should focus on during your spring clean. If there’s an item of clothing you haven’t worn recently, ask yourself why not, and if you don’t think you will wear it again, give it to charity.

4. Cleaning skirting boards

Skirting boards are often places which are missed during the regular house clean, which is why 70% of homeowners and renters in the UK state they will be focusing on them during their 2018 spring clean. To clean skirting boards quickly, simply use the skirting brush of our CRV15 Crevice Nozzle attachment. The flexible joint and extension also makes it easy to vacuum around corners.

5. Removing cobwebs

Almost two thirds of the nation (64%) will be tackling cobwebs when they deep clean their home. A quick whip around with your vacuum cleaner will easily remove them. Our SD15 Soft Nozzle, which attaches to the Kobold VK200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner works like a feather duster by gently removing dust from delicate surfaces.

Seeing is believing. To book a demonstration of our VK200 Home Cleaning System visit: https://kobold.vorwerk.co.uk/demonstration/request-a-demonstration/