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It’s men vs women in this year’s spring clean!

Both men and women are planning a spring clean this year – but how do their spring cleaning motivations differ? And who wants to take the lead?
Men are just as house proud as women when it comes to taking care of their homes with both sexes preparing for a big spring clean in 2018, our latest research has revealed.

As well as cleaning their own homes or rented accommodation to feel more organised and hygienic, both men (29%) and women (30%) say one of their main motivations to keep their homes spick and span is because they are incredibly house proud.

And as many as 18% of women and 17% of men are planning to spend over a day deep cleaning!

Women leading the charge

Women are more committed to a spring clean than men this year, with 71% planning on spending time making their homes spotless, compared to latter 63%. However, there was over a fifth of men and women who admitted they were too lazy to do the seasonal spruce-up this month.

Lending a helping hand

When it comes to helping with someone else’s messy home, 16% of women want to chip in with the chores, compared to less than one in ten men (9%). Despite this, it’s men who are more judgemental about other people’s unkempt homes – with 39% saying they would consider the owner to be lazy, compared to 36% of women.

Pressure to impress

It’s the men who feel the heat to provide a haven for their guests, with one in 10 (8%) saying they will commit to a spring clean this year for that reason, compared to only 5% of women. Nearly a third (29%) of men also claimed they wanted to commit to a spring clean this year because they were incredibly house proud.

House horrors

Despite both men and women agreeing that a dirty toilet is their biggest turn-off in the home. More than half of women would refuse a drink in someone else’s unclean home (51%), whereas men were more likely to not accept food (42%)!

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