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How the UK is tackling the big spring clean

Here’s how homeowners and renters in the UK are gearing up to tackle the annual deep clean
With the lighter evenings finally getting closer and the warmer weather drawing in, it’s time for that end of season spring clean. It’s a dread for many people every year, but two-thirds (67%) of us will be planning a spruce up.

Across the UK, Yorkshire tops the poll for having never done a spring clean (20%), ahead of 18% of those living in the East Midlands and 16% in the South West.

The cleanest quarters in the UK are the West Midlands and Northern Ireland with 77% of people in each region planning a spring clean this year. This is followed by homeowners and renters living in the North East (70%).

If you’re gearing up for your spring clean this year, here are some top tips to get you started.

1. Start by organising your drawers and cupboards

It’s time to clear out the clutter! Whether it’s old clothes you never wear, old books that have already been read or food cupboards which haven’t been cleaned in years, it’s time to make a start on your storage. Use it as an excuse to make some room for new things – according to our research, 80% of UK adults said this is a job they’ll be doing amongst their spring clean this year.

2. Freshen up your sinks and plugholes

After months of daily use, your plugholes can become dirty and blocked. Vorwerk ambassador and star of Channel 4’s Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners, Lynsey ‘Queen of Clean’, recommends sprinkling some bicarbonate of soda over the plughole and then pouring down some white wine vinegar to clean them. Follow this with some boiling water to flush out your drains leaving them clean and fresh! A clean smelling bathroom gives off a much better impression to guests, leaving you feeling house proud at the same time.

3. Split up the work

Be sure to split the jobs up into manageable chunks and share them out between your family. If you can’t find willing volunteers to help, organise your spring clean logically and take things room by room to make the job more manageable. Give yourself a clear aim each time you set about cleaning, turn your favourite radio station on and you’ll be done in no time!

4. Learn the tricks of the trade

If you’re struggling to get rid of stubborn stains, or find yourself spending all your time at the sink in front of the washing up, it’s time for a change! To get rid of stubborn water stains on your glassware, Lynsey ‘Queen of Clean’ recommends rubbing them with potato skins and then rinsing as normal. And for watermark rings on tables, place some fabric on top of the mark and iron the surface at a low heat.

These little tips will save you heaps of time, leaving you with more time to give the whole house a good spring clean. You never know what you might find – 24% of us admit we’ve even found missing money lying around!

5. Give the whole house some attention

Even if you don’t manage to deep clean every single room, be sure to try and give all your rooms the once-over. Almost half (45%) of us reach for the vacuum as the first port of call in the big spring clean, but it’s also important to make sure you wipe down surfaces too. Cleaning surfaces gets rid of dust and anything else that might have gathered in your home.

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