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The direct way I became my own boss and how you can too

Hear the stories of Vorwerk employees who have joined us and advanced into managerial roles
Taking the plunge and going it alone to run your own business can be a daunting prospect, but it’s something 61% of us dream of doing, our key research finds.

Figures revealed that despite the urge to be our own bosses, just 20% have taken the opportunity with 56% not doing so because of a fear of financial insecurity.

At Vorwerk, we offer the chance for people to be flexible but have a fun and varied career with managerial opportunities where we give support and relevant training throughout.

Be your own boss

We know how scary it can be to be your own boss, but it’s something we encourage at our global brand – just see our Careers Page for more information.

Here’s some case studies from Vorwerk employees who have joined us and advanced into managerial roles – running their own teams and enjoying a work-life balance as well as developing skills daily.

Katie Vine, aged 41, Dartford, Kent 

Wanting a career which played to her strengths as a mum and businesswoman, Katie unveiled her Vorwerk branch in Kent in June 2017.

As well as celebrating the opening, it also marked a milestone for Katie because it was the first full-time role she had taken on since taking a step away from working life to focus on raising her children.

Prior to Vorwerk, Katie was a qualified Dental Nurse and Oral Health Educator where she worked in dental practices in Harley Street and Covent Garden until she had her first child.

Family life

For around 18 years, Katie later co-ran a successful building and maintenance company before spending time away to concentrate on her children and family life.

And now, whilst partner Dean Cowell goes out into the field of Kent, Essex and Sussex to demonstrate Vorwerk’s range of high-quality appliances, Katie gets to fulfil everything she has wanted in a career – being her own boss and still being able to take care of her children. The couple have six children between them, aged 11-24.

“I love being in a business setting, and running my own branch is something I’ve always wanted to do - and it’s even better that it’s alongside my partner. The flexibility of the job allows us to still be around for our children too,” said Katie, of Gravesend, Kent.

Build a career

“I decided in 2017 that it was the right time to build a career for myself and help provide for my children better than I could before. It also helped me to regain some identity and I now love my job.

“My role is generally a 9-5 one where I’m in-and-around the office. I often take part in company events and promotional and marketing exercises in other locations too so it’s really varied and very interesting.

“Being back in the work place has helped my confidence and given me a sense of freedom to pave a new path for myself and my family.”

Nat Mortazavi, aged 22, Balsall Common

Nat wanted a flexible and stimulating role. He soon put his application for the Royal Marines on hold to progress in his career as Branch Manager with Vorwerk in Balsall Common.

I have a lot of hobbies. I dedicate a lot of my time to the gym and martial arts and with my previous jobs, I’ve had to put those to one side in favour of the job,” said Mortazavi from Redditch.

“But with Vorwerk, having that flexibility really allows me to decide what I want to do, when I want to do it, whilst also being able to earn a good income at the same time.

Financial control

“Being your own boss has an almost endless list of perks too because you work when you want – I chose to work between 20-30 hours a week as a sales advisor – which allowed me greater control over my earnings. It’s very much a meritocracy; you get out what you put in.

“It’s truly the perfect system for motivated individuals, those wanting a bit more income and anyone with ambitions to progress their careers.”

Looking for more flexible and fun working and to be your own boss? Vorwerk is currently on the search for business-minded people wanting to progress in their careers. Find out more at: www.kobold.vorwerk.co.uk/career/