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Dishing the dirt on the top five cleaning turn-offs in the home

With the winter months finally drawing to a close, UK homeowners and renters are gearing up for their big spring clean.
Our research into the UK’s cleaning habits has revealed that different impressions are made depending on the cleanliness of a person’s home.

Over a third (37%) of homeowners and renters across the nation state they would think that a homeowner was lazy if their home was unclean. Meanwhile, 28% say they judge the hosts negatively and 13% would want to offer a helping hand to clean an unclean abode.

To avoid making a negative impression, we’ve taken a look at the five biggest turn-offs in the home and have teamed up with Vorwerk ambassador, Lynsey ‘Queen of Clean’, to share some of our easy tips for how to avoid them.

1. A dirty toilet

This came out as the top turn-off for guests when visiting someone else’s home, with 71% of the nation voting it as their number one repellent. A further 37% even admitted they would hold off and use their own toilet because they would not dare to venture into the host’s bathroom! To prevent making your guests want to run for the door, ensure the seat is clean – antibacterial wipes are great for this – and clean the bowl thoroughly with bleach. This will also ensure your toilet is left smelling clean.

2. Strong smells

Do you notice strong odours lingering in your kitchen or bathroom? It could be the sink! With 61% of homeowners and renters stating strong smells are a turn-off for them, here’s how to keep your home smelling clean:

Sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda over the plug hole, and then pour down some white wine vinegar. Follow this with some boiling water to flush out your drain and leave it smelling fresh.

And don’t rule out your carpets for giving off bad smells – they do go through a lot! The Kobold VF200 Carpet Freshener will ensure your soft surfaces get a deep, hygienic clean and will keep them looking new and smelling great.

3. Messy kitchen

Ranked as the third biggest home turn-off (55%), a messy kitchen leaves a bad first impression on guests. With the kitchen being the centre of the home for many, it’s good to ensure it is tidy, with surfaces wiped down. If you’re tight on time, clearing surfaces and floors will give off a good first impression to anyone entering the house.

4. Unkempt bathroom

Our research found that a dirty bathroom is a big turn-off in the home for nearly half of the UK (49%). Make sure your surfaces are clean, using a wipe to clean down the toilet seat, sink and taps. To get rid of those stubborn water marks on shower doors and tiles, cut a lemon in half and rub it directly onto the marks – they’ll vanish in no time!

5. Pet hair all over

The fifth biggest turn off in a home is pet hair (43%). If you’re struggling to keep on top of cleaning up after your pet, make sure you’re using the right tool. The Vorwerk Kobold P440 Electric Upholstery Brush will ensure your soft furnishings get a thorough, gentle clean and will remove pet hair efficiently. If your pet’s hair gets stuck to your clothes, try lifting it with sticky tape or a lint roller – your clothes will look new again in no time at all!

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