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Carpet cleaning: How to clean your carpet and keep it in good condition

Looking for the perfect carpet cleaning solution? For a longer lasting carpet dry cleaning is the way forward!
Over time, wet cleaning carpets washes out the wool’s natural waterproofing, resulting in a hard, crusty feel. The water can cause the fibres to shrink, stretch and the dye to bleed, leaving a less-than-luxurious finish.

Using water can actually create more dirt. When it comes into contact with the dust and grit nestled at the bottom of your carpet, it will turn into a muddy pool that will eventually start to rot the base of the carpet causing unpleasant smells as the bacteria give of fumes. As with our most expensive clothes, dry cleaning really is the best solution when it comes to keeping your carpets clean and in the best possible condition.

  • Use a powder-based cleaning agent that you sprinkle on the carpet, massage in and vacuum away. This might take longer but it will ensure you achieve the desired results without ruining your carpet in the process.
  • If you’re really serious about making your carpets last, it’s worth investing in a specially designed dry carpet cleaner, such as our Kobold VF200.

Here are some handy tips for some of the most common carpet stains.

Remove a nail varnish stain with cotton wool and acetone

There’s no need to worry about spilling nail varnish on your carpet anymore! Simply dip a cotton ball in acetone and blot the stain until it’s vanished. 

Remove almost any stain with a baby wipe

Baby wipes are amazing at removing stains! We recommend that everyone has a pack in their house. Whether you get ink on your carpet or any other stain, have a go at removing it with a baby wipe and you’ll probably get it out.

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