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Branch Manager Charlie shares his home hacks

Our Branch Manager Charlie shares three tips to speed up your spring clean

Charlie's home hacks

There are so many great opportunities at Vorwerk, from career progression and meeting new people to learning new skills.

Being a branch manager means my team are always telling me about their top cleaning hacks, so here are a few that’ll help you speed up your spring clean:

  1. If you have a glass hob, floor wipes act as a great de-greaser. You can then buff it up to get a shine.
  2. If you spill red wine on the carpet, blot it immediately with kitchen towel and water. You can actually absorb the complete stain.
  3. Baby wipes are brilliant for getting almost any greasy stain out of fabrics!
Have you got a great cleaning tip or trick that everyone should know about? Share it with us on Twitter using #HomeHacks and tagging @VorwerkUK between 13-18 February and you could win one of 20 Vorwerk window cleaning kits!

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