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What is a microfibre cloth and why are they used for cleaning?

Getting tired of wasting water and time on cleaning the windows and floors in your home? Then switching to microfibre cloths might be the answer.
Microfibre cloths are made from very small fibres and because of their makeup, using microfibre cloths for cleaning can make housekeeping both easier and more effective.

Microfibre cloths are time saving and environmentally friendly, making them  the perfect alternative to regular cloths.


Switching to microfibre cloths, instead of the traditional bucket and sponge method, to clean the hard surfaces in your home can make the arduous chore fly by. The dense polyester, or nylon, fibres are able to absorb high levels of water and cleaning fluid therefore reducing the need for using excess amounts. This eliminates the time you’ll spend refilling your buckets and soaking your cloths as well!


Microfibre cloths also provide a streak free finish to keep your windows looking pristine. This can be hard to achieve with other cleaning products as they leave the glass wet, allowing the remaining water or solution to dry in streaks across the window panes. Using a microfibre cloth however absorbs the water left on the surface as it cleans, making the two simultaneous and avoiding those pesky streaks. 

We recommend the Kobold VG100 Window Cleaner as it can cut the cleaning time in half. It uses microfibre cloths to wet and the window, remove the dirt and suction the water away in one go, resulting in a perfect finish every time.


Due to the microfibre’s tiny nature (each fibre is approximately 1/16th of a human hair in thickness) it can make cleaning around your home even more effective. The ‘micro’ fibres can reach places a cotton cloth, mop or regular sponge just can’t get to, giving your home a deep clean every time.

The structure of the woven fibres creates a net, or web, for collecting dirt and dust as you clean. This ensures that no dirt gets left behind. Cleaning the cloths is just as easy and simple as cleaning with them; they can go in the washing machine and come out as good as new. The cloths can even be used with water alone, no chemical cleaning products, and still achieve a perfect clean!


Microfibre cloths can be used on a range of different surfaces such as windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces in your home as well as various types of flooring including stone, laminate, tiles and parquet. The Kobold SP600 Vacuum Cleaning Head vacuums and mops floors in one and even comes with four specialised microfibre cloth attachments for all types of flooring commonly found in the home.

Does it sound too good to be true? Book a demonstration of our VK200 Home Cleaning System today at https://kobold.vorwerk.co.uk/demonstration/request-a-demonstration