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Vacuum cleaners without dust bags – a good alternative or just show?

Two additional filter systems are available on the market. But what are their strengths and weaknesses?
The filter bag is full yet again. When buying new ones you might wonder whether a vacuum cleaner without filter bags might be an alternative for you. Two additional filter systems, which are integrated in the cyclone vacuum cleaner and the water vacuum cleaner, are available on the market. But are they really that much cheaper? Are they easier to handle? And do they clean the air just as reliably as a vacuum cleaner with filter bags? We will clarify. 

It is  very important to use a vacuum cleaner, that not only cleans effectively, but also reliably retains fine dust, micro-particles and allergens. But which one of the three filter systems is best – a water vacuum cleaner without  a filter bag, a cyclone vacuum cleaner, or after all the conventional vacuum cleaner with a filter bag?

The water vacuum cleaner: 

A water vacuum cleaner directs the absorbed air through water in its trunk. Here, only a portion of the dust and dirt are bound, the rest of the spent air is filtered for residues. The filter should be changed regularly. As germs can quickly spread in the water, the water container must be emptied and cleaned each time it is used, to avoid formation of dangerous mould. 

The cyclone vacuum cleaner:

An air vortex removes dust and other particles from the spent air in several steps. This method is called Multi-cyclone–technique. A further filter retains the allergens. But the vacuum cleaner without filter bag can release these again, when the dust container is emptied. Tip: empty the vacuumed deposits directly into a  dust bin! 

Vacuum cleaner with filter bags

Compared to the water vacuum cleaner and the cyclone vacuum cleaner, the conventional vacuum cleaner has the advantage that absorbed dust lands securely in the  filter bag. If the  filter bag is sealable, allergens cannot get out, even whilst the bags are being disposed of. Using the TÜV- certified premium filter, developed for the vacuum cleaner model Kobold VK140/150 by Vorwerk, the spent air is 1000 times cleaner than before vacuuming. Thanks to this clinically clean result, it is officially “suitable for allergy sufferers“!

Please recalculate: looking closely pays off

Vacuum cleaners without dust bags tempt one into assuming, that the follow-up costs will be less than with a conventional vacuum cleaner with filter bags. But it is worth recalculating, because even filter-bag-free vacuum cleaners need filters, which need to be changed on a regular basis. The water vacuum cleaner needs refilling too. The premium filter bag by Vorwerk, with three integrated filters and active scent-pearls against unpleasant odours, saves a lot of money opposed to using single filters, and furthermore it retains allergens and pollutants reliably.

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