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How using a hepa-filtered vacuum can help the fight against allergies

From constant rhinitis and itching through to bad asthma: the physical symptoms of hayfever or a house dust allergy can be irritating. It’s even difficult to escape them in your own home, with dust, pollen and mite faeces settling across your surfaces without you even knowing.

It may sound obvious, but cleaning properly and thoroughly is the best way to help prevent the worst allergy symptoms.  Ensuring that you use a vacuum cleaner with an EPA-and HEPA filter means that you’ll microscopically filter the small particles and ensure that the air in your home stays clean.

EPA, HEPA, Hurrah – clean air at last!

It may sound awful, but the protein particles in mite faeces – just like pollen from grass, trees and bushes settles into the fine dust which gathers in your home daily.

Vacuuming regularly is essential, but not all vacuum cleaners leave your air allergen-free. For this, you need to ensure that you use a vacuum cleaner that features a HEPA-filter that can clean floors and cushions sufficiently. The HEPA filter retains the allergen particles and fine dust, instead of releasing them back into the air. Equipped with this system, the filter bag for the Kobold VK200 vacuum cleaner was named the world’s first ‘Premium filter bag’ – achieving the “suitable for allergy sufferers“ quality seal.

The VK200’s HEPA filter not only retains microscopically small dust particles and allergy inducing substances such as mildew spores from the air, but also neutralises the air in your room using lovely scents from the Kobosan Active odour beads. It also retains coarser dirt particles  and has been registered for nine patents – so we’re pretty proud!
What’s more, the exhaust air is 1000 times cleaner than prior to vacuuming and therefore clinically clean!


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