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The ultimate cheat sheet on how to clean glass and shiny surfaces

Advice on how to make your surfaces shimmer this summer
Have you ever spent precious time cleaning your windows from top to bottom to then discover a dreaded mark or big streaks? We’ve put together some easy tips on how to keep glass and shiny surfaces clean with minimal effort.

1.       Dust before 

Use a microfibre cloth to wipe down the surface to remove any dust. A microfibre cloth is made of tiny synthetic fibres and attracts the smallest specks of dirt which other cloths can miss. It’s important to do this first to save time because a liquid solution before can cause dust to stick to the surface.

2.       Think about your water 

Many don’t consider what’s in the water we use to clean glass. It’s best when diluting glass cleaner to use distilled water as it doesn’t contain minerals which leave streaky deposits. 

3.       Products on shiny surfaces 

The best product to use on shiny surfaces is warm water with a microfibre cloth. Harsh chemicals can sometimes damage the surface so ensure you know what product can be used on your surface. For this, we’d recommend the Kobold GT15 microfibre glove.

4.       Vinegar 

If you have run out of your usual glass cleaner or are looking for an alternative option, vinegar is a great solution. 

5.       No paper towels 

You might have a range of glass-cleaning supplies, but the one thing that shouldn’t be there are paper towels. This is not the easy option as it will leave your surfaces with streaks. 

6.       Window cleaner 

Cleaning glass and shiny surfaces is a time-consuming task. Finding the right window cleaner could save time and leave you with spotless surfaces. There are many out there but we do recommend the Kobold VG100 window cleaner which has a 3-in-1 process saving you heaps of time.

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