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The 4 biggest myths about window cleaning

Whether it’s using newspaper, coffee filters or old nylon stockings to achieve streak-free windows, there aren’t many other chores that are surrounded by as many myhts as window cleaning. But which ones actually work?
When you clean your windows, you’ve only got one goal in mind: spick, span and streak-free! However, achieving an impeccable result is not that easy, and a lot of myths have been created about how best to carry out this age-old chore. The traditional methods of using newspapers, coffee filters and nylon stockings are now up against some tough competition, with more modern solutions on the market ranging from window cleaners to specialist window vacuums. But which techniques and tools mean that you can achieve perfectly finished windows in the minimum amount of time? And which of them actually turn out to be counter-productive?  

Picture the scene: your dog just greeted your neighbour’s cat suspiciously, pressing his wet snout against the terrace window, or your three year old’s chocolatey fingers end up doing the same. Even if your last window clean isn’t that far back, it’s time to do it all again!

Everyone has their own strategy for achieveing streak-free panes, but which cleaning shortcut works the best? One thing’s for sure; you don’t need an expensive, professional window cleaner - unless you are planning on cleaning a whole high-rise building!

Myth 1: Never clean your windows when the sun is shining! 

Unfortunately it’s true: good weather is bad weather for window cleaning! When the windowpane is heated by the warming rays of sunshine, it causes the water to quickly evaporate on the panes. The result; nasty streaks and stripes. Take a pass on cleaning your windows until the sun’s gone in.

Myth 2: Newspaper polishes windows best

This isn’t necessarily true! Although wadded newspaper absorbs redundant water very well, the printer’s ink on the waste paper might colour white synthetic frames and end up causing more work for you. Tricks like using coffee filters or nylon stockings are safer in that respect, but they’re not great for actually removing the dirt. For totally streak-free windows, use a micro-fibre cloth or a good old shammy leather. 

Myth 3: Cleaning windows is faster with hot water

Not quite! The water should only be warm to the touch, so that added cleaning agents don’t evaporate and can develop to their full effect in the water. Adding a few drops of washing-up liquid in combination with a splash of vinegar or white spirit is a secret superweapon as these two additives effectively dissolve chalk residues on glass surfaces.


Only to a limited extent! Many glass cleaners contain additives like scents, that settle on windows like a thin film, and actually encourage the formation of streaks. Black tea can work wonders on glass panes, but when used regularly it can easily discolour window frames. The safest way of getting streak-free windows is by thoroughly removing all remnants of fluids on the glass surface. When there are no fluids left, no substances can dry on the pane either.  


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