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6 simple changes to make the working week less stressful

Follow these easy tips to make your working day a breeze
Nearly a fifth of UK employees (16%) consider switching careers just so that they can have a less pressured working environment, according to our latest research for our #NoMore9to5 campaign.

And with further figures revealing nearly a third (29%) are keen for a better work-life balance, many are looking for less stress, more flexibility and freedom from their careers.

Juggling the demands of work and still having time for yourself and family can be a difficult balance, but it’s one we understand. We know how important it is to have a working week that achieves work-life balance and mean you can still have a successful career without as much stress – just see our Careers Page for more information.

Here’s some top tips and advice from our Vorwerk advisors and business influencers on how to make some simple changes, that could make a big difference to your career and ease the stress of a working week.

1. Plan

Either at the beginning of the week or the end, always plan ahead and factor in the time to do so. A simple plan can take minutes to put together but make a dramatic difference. Nat Mortazavi, a Branch Manager with Vorwerk in Balsall Common, said: “If you’re self-employed, you’ll most likely be out and about meeting new people so make sure you keep records, be organised and clear when making appointments. Plan well and enjoy the flexibility and freedom.”

2. Set achievable goals

It’s easy to look at a blank week and fill it with jobs to do, but make sure they are manageable and don’t cause unnecessary stress. You want to tackle each job in manageable chunks. Set out what your priorities are and what can be realistically achieved in a working day.

3. Be organised

Very much along the lines of planning – but a good, organised and positive working environment can make all of the difference – even down to where you conduct your work. Self-employed Claire Young, a Vorwerk business influencer and founder of School Speakers, said: Find a set office space, arrange your working hours, and don’t get distracted. Set some boundaries, especially if you are working from home. Time is one of your most valuable commodities.”

4. Communicate

If you are part of a team, speak to one another. If you feel bogged down with duties, can one of your team help and lighten the load? It’s amazing how much a bit of team work can go a long way. If you are self-employed, communicate achievable targets with your clients too – don’t over promise things that can’t be achieved in that working week. Always report back to your clients too, it’s important they know where you are in your progress.

5. Be positive

Mistakes will happen, it’s inevitable as we are all human. But be honest, own up and be positive about making changes to ensure the same mistakes don’t happen in future. Be positive with clients and in your everyday outlook too, surround yourself with positive influences and it’ll make a huge difference in terms of easing stress.

6. Challenge yourself to learn daily

There’s always room for improvement. Even if you know your business/role inside-out, there’s always an opportunity to develop and challenge yourself. Learning new things will also help your working week flow too – that report you didn’t know how to fill in might seem that bit easier having learned how to complete it. Vorwerk business influencer, Claire O’Connor, founder of babyballet, had this advice for business owners and would-be entrepreneurs, she said: “Never stop learning. I didn’t have any business experience when I first started my company. I just had a vision and a dream, and I made it my mission to learn as much as I possibly could and I will continue to do that so I can get better every day.”

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