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How to keep your house clean during DIY

When it comes to decorating your home, sometimes the best way to get exactly what you want is to do it yourself.
While DIY allows you total control of the design and execution, it also leaves the cleaning entirely up to you. This shouldn’t put you off doing some home improvements yourself though – there are plenty of ways to ensure your house stays clean and tidy while you create your dream home!  

Don’t forget to protect your home

Using dust covers when decorating is an essential step that you won’t want to skip. Even using old bed sheets to cover furniture will help protect it from chips and paint smears, as well as eliminating the need to dust afterwards. If any does break through, use MF microfibre cleaning cloths to swipe up any dirt.

Keeping floors clean

While dust covers will help protect your furniture, it is likely that your hard floors will get dusty and need a deep clean. It’s ideal to clean as you go along but we know that it’s not always an open. So, why not try our VK200 & SP600 Hard Floor Set? It allows you to vacuum and mop at the same time, making the task of cleaning up after DIY quick and simple.

Busting the dust

DIY can often involve drilling or sanding, both of which create dust that will inevitably get in the smallest crevices and corners in your home. While this can seem like a nightmare to get rid of, the CRV15 Crevice Nozzle Set will do just the job! With flexible joints and an included Drill Dust Catcher, it really is a handyman’s dream.

Managing clear surfaces

After any work within the home, windows and other glass surfaces – such as mirrors and clear coffee tables – will need some TLC. We recommend the VG100 Window Cleaner to tackle the smears and leave your surfaces streak-free. The VG100 uses microfibre cloths and suctioning technology to wirelessly wash windows and remove dirt in one quick step, eliminating the need for buckets and soap, leaving you with beautiful windows to let air into the room you’ve decorated.

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