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Expert advice on how to deep clean your home in time for Christmas

As Christmas creeps up, preparations to make sure you have a clean house for impending guests get firmly underway.

As a nation of house proud households – which 26% of us claim is our biggest motivation to clean – we also spend most of our time making sure everything is spick and span on Christmas Day itself – with more than a third (35%) pulling out all of the stops to ensure the festivities can continue without worrying about the mess.

Preparing for December 25th can be something of a military operation too – with the prospect of invited, and unexpected, guests popping by and staying over to enjoy the festivities. So, with that said, here’s some expert advice on how to deep clean your home ready for the full-on festive season.

And the dirt is gone

When it comes to carpets, dog hair, fluff and autumnal dirt and leaves traipsed in the house can lead to muddy footprints and balls of hair plastered throughout your home. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the favoured machine of choice to master such mess is the vacuum cleaner – as 76% of the UK told us in our survey about how to prepare the home for guests.

Our VK200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner helps to tackle that dirt, and in half the time too. Even when there’s stubborn stains to shift to make way for family and friends arriving for a festive mulled wine or two, using the EB440 attachment will expertly dry clean your carpets to make sure you are guest-ready.

Be careful when using water on its own to dry clean your carpets though as, if used repeatedly, the liquid can cause carpet fibres to shrink and stretch, and eventually cause the dye to bleed, leaving a rough finish.

Using a powder-based cleaning agent to sprinkle on to your carpet, massage in and vacuum away, will get rid of any unwanted stains. Vorwerk’s VF200 Carpet Freshener works perfectly in order to get rid of the stubborn dirt, offering in-depth, hygienic carpet cleaning and freshening in no time – a great stocking filler!

Staying the night

As family come from far and wide for Christmas, it’s important your bedroom is just as tidy as the living room for staying-over guests to enjoy. Research shows that the average household mattress contains large amounts of dead skin cells, mould spores, sweat and droppings from millions of dust mite – not exactly the type of guests you want to invite during the festive season.

Similar to carpets, avoid using water to remove stains or marks on your upholstery in the bedroom, as a moist mattress is a breeding ground for mould and mildew.

To deep clean mattresses, it should be treated like a carpet by using a dry cleaning powder. Vorwerk’s Lavenia Powder will sanitise and add a fresh smell, whilst a specialist mattress cleaning product such as Vorwerk’s The Kobold PB440 Electric Upholstery Brush, will solve all your problems at once.

Back to basics

A whopping 83% of the UK spends up to four hours cleaning in preparation for guests – and that stress can increase over Christmas. To save time, vacuum your mattress regularly, just like a carpet, alongside flipping it over once every three months to help prolong its life and reduce expenditure on replacements. However, the Sleep Council recommends that mattresses are changed every seven years, so flipping will only go so far.

You can also invest in mattress protectors and toppers for extra protection from spills and messes and deodorising it will freshen up the mattress as oppose to clean it.

Most importantly, enjoy preparing your home for the festive season so that you feel as comfortable as your guests do in a clean and tidy home this Christmas.

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