Vorwerk Kobold

The History of the Kobold

Creating good quality and versatile vacuum cleaners since 1929

The Vorwerk Kobold vacuum cleaner has been around for almost nine decades now, and it’s still one of the most powerful machines on the market.

The first Kobold was notable for its power and versatility, and to this day our products have an unrivalled reputation for quality and performance. The Kobold is still amongst the most versatile on the market, allowing you to tackle carpets, hard floors, mattresses, furniture, and even the most inaccessible corners with ease.

In 1883, brothers Carl and Adolf Vorwerk founded the Barmer Carpet Factory Vorwerk & Co in Wuppertal, Germany. Since then, Vorwerk has developed into an international group of diversified companies.

The first Kobold vacuum cleaner, Modell 30, was developed in 1929. This was revolutionary at the time and it was far less bulky than the other vacuums available then. Modell 30 was simply a motor, dust-bag, and handle.

Since 1929, Vorwerk has continued to evolve the Kobold.  Numerous models have been created and are still being developed to this day.

Modell 53, which was released in 1953, was the first Kobold with the iconic white and green design which is still being used on current vacuum cleaning products.

In 2013, Vorwerk released the VK150 and just three years later the latest upright vacuum cleaner, the VK200 was developed. One of the biggest changes between the two is the ultrasonic floor type sensor which adjusts in less than a second, and the suction motor automatically adjusts speed to assure that it is vacuumed to the best possible level. The VK200 also changes colour when the bag is full and flashes red if there’s a technical fault.

We’ve got some exciting product launches coming up over the next year so keep your eyes peeled for the latest developments.  Here’s to the next 90 years.