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Five things you’re doing that are damaging your carpets

The top carpet cleaning habits which are causing more harm than good
When giving your carpets a clean, you probably think you’re helping to improve them. However there are some cleaning techniques which will actually be causing more damage.

From using too much water, to not vacuuming regularly enough, here are the top five things that are damaging your carpets.

1. Wet cleaning

Many people think using water to clean their carpets will mean fresh, bright floors but over time the repeated wet cleaning can wash out wool’s natural waterproofing, resulting in the carpet acquiring a hard, crusty feel. Water can also cause the carpet fibres to shrink and stretch and the dye to bleed, leaving a less-than-luxurious finish. So, if you are going to clean your carpets with water it’s important you don’t use too much and you dry the carpet quickly.

We believe that dry cleaning is the best solution, with a powder-based cleaning agent that you sprinkle on the carpet, massage in and then vacuum away. It might take a little longer than other cleaning methods, but it will ensure you achieve the desired results without damaging your carpet in the process.

Vorwerk’s Kobold  VF200 Carpet Freshener makes sure that your carpets stay beautiful for longer with a hygienic in-depth clean. By using a non-toxic conditioning cleaner like Kobosan Active Dry Cleaning Power, that lifts allergens and makes your carpet soft and fluffy, you will notice the difference by sight and smell.

2. Scrubbing stains

If you spill something on your carpet which may cause a stain, try not to scrub it and blot it instead. Carpet is made up of twisted fibres, and when you scrub them, it can cause them to lose their shape. To blot your carpet, simply cover the stain with a cloth and gently apply pressure to absorb the liquid. 

3. Using a harsh chemical cleaner

Don’t use a carpet cleaner which contains harsh chemicals as these can take the colour out of your carpet! 

Instead, look out for natural cleaning products such as Kobosan Active Dry Cleaning Power which hygienically and gently dry cleans your carpet, providing great results. Kobosan is also better for the environment as it is based on wood obtained from sustainable sources.

4. Not vacuuming regularly

Make sure vacuuming is part of your weekly routine to avoid the chances of damaging your carpet. If you don’t vacuum regularly, dirt will embed in your carpet and cause your carpet fibres to fray.

5. Using the wrong setting

Make sure you use the correct setting on your vacuum cleaner according to your floor type. For example, don’t vacuum your carpet on the hard floor setting as it won’t have the correct suction level for your carpet and may cause damage. We recommend using the Kobold EB400 Automatic Electric Brush as it automatically adjusts its setting depending on the floor type, meaning you don’t have to worry at all!

Seeing is believing – to book a demonstration of the VK200 Home Cleaning System, fill out the form here: https://kobold.vorwerk.co.uk/demonstration/request-a-demonstration/