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Five quick tips for cleaning your home office

When working from home, it can be easy that – when the deadlines are fast approaching – that your office space might be less of a priority and soon becomes untidy and cluttered.
Having a messy work space can hinder productivity and with a lack of time to complete your chores, it can be a distraction during your working day. So, here’s our cleaning recommendations to make sure your office reflects your professional standards in a time that doesn’t affect your business diary too much.


Your office can often become cluttered with multiple wires and different electronic devices from laptops to desktops, phones to printers. Those devices are a main attraction for dust particles too. Your desk surface needs to be free from dirt and an area where you can put multiple items on to make sure your working day is seamless and dust-free. We recommend the Kobold VC100 for a stress-free way to help quickly remove dust and dirt from your desk (it’s great for laptops too!). 


Computer and laptop screens can get dusty very fast so switch to microfibre cloths when cleaning as it will be a quick and effective solution. The cloths can easily pick up dust and dirt and are soft enough for these delicate surfaces. Microfibre cloths can also be used on windows to avoid the time-consuming task of washing them with a bucket of soapy water (or even better, our VG100 Window Cleaner gadget does an amazing job!). Why not try our MF Cleaning Cloths too?


When cleaning a home office, you don’t want to be bringing in lots of bulky equipment as you’ll soon fill the space. You need to find something that can do multiple jobs at once. Our Kobold VK200 has multiple attachments for every possible need in the office or home – whether an extendable nozzle to get to the hard-to-reach areas under the desk and around the hidden plug sockets, or the SP600 vacuum head to wet/dry hard flooring such as laminate or stone.


Dust, dirt and hair can become embedded in a range of office chairs. So, when it comes to cleaning, the Kobold PB440 is a fantastic option. The Electric Upholstery Brush removes allergenic particles and pet hairs as well as stubborn dirt. It is also perfect for use in cars if you need to take your ‘office’ on the road to client meetings, providing a clean environment.

Work diary

As meetings take over your work diary, there’s little time for anything else, especially cleaning. So, short of hiring a personal cleaner, the Robot Vacuum Cleaner will do the chores for you whilst you work. You can even control the robot from your phone and set up a cleaning schedule, so you can leave it in control while you’re remotely working elsewhere.

The VK200 is perfect for cleaning offices and the range of devices that comes with your working environment. Seeing is believing with this ultimate cleaning system, so book a demo HERE