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Environmental protection begins at home – taking on more responsibility together

Never before has sustainability been as important as today, and never before have the possibilities for individuals been more manifold
Resources are becoming scarce – but everyone can counteract this development. Never before has sustainability been as important as today, and never before have the possibilities for individuals been more varied – daily environmental protection becomes child’s play if you follow a handful of guidelines.

Everybody talks about “sustainability“: it is discussed in numerous TV features and ever-present in the newspapers headlines and magazine articles. And for a good reason: it is necessary to rethink how we deal with our natural resources because currently many people behave as though these are inexhaustible. The repercussions of such behaviour are evidenced in climate change and rising heating costs.

Environmental protection is everybody’s business

Ecological sustainability is not only the responsibility of governments and business, but also of the individual. According to the motto: “Many a little makes a mickle“, small changes in everyday life can make a big improvement.

Waste separation is one of the simplest methods of environmentally friendly behaviour. Containers for paper, reusable materials, glass and bio-waste can be found close to every house.

Recycling Paper kitchen towels and aluminium foil produce unnecessary waste, whilst the raw material for the latter can only be obtained by a high energy-consuming process. Household jobs can be done just as well by using airtight containers and microfibre cloths, which can simply be reused.

They are not only more environmentally friendly but cheaper in the longterm.

Saving energy here are just three of the numerous measures to save energy at home: take shorter showers, set the heating correctly and buy energy-saving lamps. The most frequently ignored factors, however, are the convenient standby-functions of your electronic appliances. In a household of three, 115 Euros could be saved annually by consistently turning off all appliances.

Ingredients detergents and cosmetics may contain ingredients that are ecologically harmful. When purchasing such products make sure that they are made of sustainably processed and renewable raw materials (for example Kobosan und Lavenia.) 

Top tips to create the perfect living environment that will save you money, and the environment at the same time.

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