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Accessorise your vacuum cleaner just like your outfits!

When you buy that perfect outfit, or recycle something you’ve already got, it’s choosing the perfect accessories that help bring it to life, right?
Just like your new benefits from perfectly complementing accessories, believe it or not, your cleaning does, too!

Picture the scene; you’ve hoovered your stairs and carpet, but now you need something to reach into those nooks and crannies on your ceiling, in your computer keyboard and down the back of your radiators. This is when your vacuum cleaner accessories really come in to play.

To really get the best from your cleaning, you need to choose a vacuum cleaner that has a range of nozzles and attachments that best fit the different nooks, crannies and corners of your home.

Flat nozzles are ideal for vacuuming the pesky dust that gets under your bed, but might not be ideal for cleaning between beams on an uneven ceiling in an old cottage. Similarly, slim nozzles are perfect for cleaning the legs on your kitchen table and chairs, but you’ll need something with a bit more width if you’ve got a vast expanse of high ceiling to banish of tiny cobwebs!

If you’ve got lots of hard to reach areas in your home, then look for a vacuum cleaner that comes with an extra-long, telescopic tube that will easily extend, meaning that you don’t have to get the ladders out every time you need to vacuum something above head height.

Don’t forget, if you’ve got lots of delicate items in your home such as ornaments or valuable trinkets, you’ll need a hoover that incorporates a soft brush attachment. One of these will really help to remove dust, fluff and hair from delicate objects without damaging them (and they’re also great for using down behind radiators!).

So, next time you pull out your vacuum cleaner, ask yourself: “am I really satisfied with it, or do I need to find those perfect accessories to make my cleaning routine complete?”



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