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Top tips for an allergen-free home

A simple guide to a happy and healthy household
You might think that your home is yours, but the reality is that you share it with millions of others – millions of dust mites and their friends pet hair, dust, and dirt.  And while you work hard to keep your house clean and tidy, sometimes these dirt demons can get the better of you.  Here are our top tips to reclaim your house! 

1.       Carpets 

Paying attention to your carpets in each room is vital. Your floor is a haven for dust, dirt, pet hair and other allergens which might have an effect on your health. Make sure you vacuum often. We recommend the Kobold VK200 which is ideal for allergy sufferers. 

2.       Hardwood floor 

This type of flooring might seem like the easier option when trying to keep it clean, but the same allergens that are found on your carpets also live on hardwood floors. Vacuum the floor frequently and deep clean it annually to remove any stubborn dirt. 

3.       Pets

We say that our pets are our best friends, but they could also be the reason why you are suffering with your allergies. Make your bedroom a pet-free zone, breathing in their dander all night can be a big problem with those who suffer from allergies. It’s also recommended to wash your pet at least once a week which will minimise the allergens. 

4.       Bedding

It’s quite shocking what else is living in your bed; make sure that you wash your bedding at least once a week, this will reduce the amount of bed bugs which trigger allergies. 

5.       Mattresses  

Give your mattress a deep clean by using our Kobold MP440 and MR440 Mattress Cleaning Set which is designed to cleanse deep into the mattress to ensure you have a peaceful night’s sleep. 

6.       Living rooms 

A place where all the family (including pets) meet after a long day.  Sofas and carpets are the perfect place for pet dander and dust mites to survive. Make sure you vacuum them regularly and even get them professionally cleaned at least once a year. 

7.       Dust 

The best way to control allergens is by getting rid of dust. However, be careful as dusting can make things worse by moving around allergen particles into the air. Use a damp cloth that collects the dust instead of spreading it. 

These simple, yet effective, techniques will leave your house feeling allergen free, allowing you to enjoy your time at home. For more information about our pet allergy advice, view HERE.