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The enemy in my home: where allergens are lurking

Pollen, pet hair and house-dust can make life really hard for allergy-sufferers – we have tips for relief.
Pollen, animal hair and house-dust can make life really hard for allergy-sufferers. The triggers for these bothersome symptoms are after all in the air – and hide precisely there, where we like to spend the most time, for example in bed. A vacuum cleaner containing an EPA Filter, mattress covers and proper airing can help make your home a comfortable place again. Small effort, great effect! 

Of all places, the intimate comfortable places, such as the bedroom, bed and sofa, are tricky for allergy sufferers. That is exactly where the allergens, which cause bothersome symptoms for sufferers of house-dust, pet hair and pollen allergies accumulate. That is why it is so important, to keep rooms and pieces of furniture dust-free and in doing so, free of allergens. The good news is: the effort is small and the effect is great when you use a vacuum cleaner containing a HEPA Filter, which absorbs the allergens and retains them safely in its dust bag. Here, the Kobold by Vorwerk, with its excellent filter system is invaluable. It was awarded the TÜV seal “suitable for allergy sufferers“.

Where mites make themselves really comfortable

The danger lies in the bed, in those prettily scattered cushions, in your favourite armchair: mites. These little bugs are not visible to the naked eye, but are bustling around, where we like to spend our time the most. They are to be found where the climate is perfect for them: in the mattress. This is where high humidity and warmth lets them feed off dandruff and mould.

Special covers, called ’encodings’ protect mattresses from mites. Mites faeces are poison for the respiratory tracts of sensitive people: the faeces break up into small pieces, that are caught up with the dust and breathed in.

Therefore, you should vacuum clean and damp wipe your bedroom frequently. You should avoid having open shelves, plants and other dust catchers if you are an allergy sufferer. Carpets should have a short pile. For hayfever and pet hair allergy sufferers we recommend: frequent vacuum cleaning, with a vacuum cleaner suitable for allergy sufferers, and then damp wiping the floors to help reduce the allergens in your home. Furthermore, you should never allow your pets to enter your bedroom! Pet hair should be removed from upholstery and furniture with a vacuum cleaner.


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Tips for a great climate

Mites love damp conditions. This means that if you suffer from a house-dust allergy, keep the humidity in your home as low as possible, between 45 and 55 percent. Fast airing of rooms three times a day and sufficient heating should prevent the ideal environment from occuring. The ideal temperature for bedrooms is between 64.5 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are a hayfever sufferer , proper airing is very important: the pollen dispersal in the city is lowest in the morning; in the countryside it is in the evening. A special protective window mesh can help to prevent the pollen getting inside rooms. 

... or is it a histamine intolerance?

By the way, the typical symptoms for asthma or catarrh, that allergy sufferers have when suffering from hayfever, house-dust or pet hair allergies, can also be masking a histamine intolerance. People, whose histamine breakdown in the bowel is impaired, can react badly to matured cheese, wine or chocolate. Further possible symptoms include tiredness after eating and digestive problems, such as stomachache, bloatedness, diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting. 

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