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Who we’re most likely to clean our house for ahead of Christmas

As Christmas approaches and families gather into one household for the festive season, cleaning preparation takes place to prove you’re a top host. But who are you looking to impress the most?

As family and friends descend onto your home around December 25th, it’s the parents that we always want to dazzle the most according to our research – as one in five of us still worry about their opinions. One in ten of us are eager to impress the in-laws with how clean our homes are too.

Timing is everything

Whilst the turkey’s in the oven and your children are playing with their latest Christmas gifts, our figures show that 52% of us spend up to two hours cleaning the home before guests are due to arrive. Only 20% us spend less than an hour, whereas 28% spend over two hours – showing how much we value the opinions of our guests when it comes to home cleanliness.

Popular port of call

As we tackle loose pine needles from our colourfully-decorated Christmas trees and dust from the decorations we’ve retrieved from the attic or garage, 75% of us reach for the vacuum cleaner as the first port of call to master the mess and prepare the home for guests.

Santa Chores

Tidying up is a priority for 45% of the UK when expecting family or friends to pop by, followed by bathroom cleaning (39%), dusting (38%) and washing up (25%). So, when it comes to Christmas time, the Vorwerk Kobold VK200 means that those ‘Santa chores’ are made even easier as our Upright Vacuum Cleaner cuts your cleaning time in half across all floorings – creating the very best, first impression.

Gender divide

Unexpected guests leave a nation divided too – as 46% of women fly into a domestic frenzy to avoid being negatively judged in comparison to 24% of men. Luckily, the SP530 means that when there’s a room that needs a quick vacuum or a kitchen desperate for a mop – especially around Christmas – this time-saver could in fact prove a life-saver!

A quick fix

As nearly a third of us spend over two hours preparing our homes, cleaning quick-fixes are proving popular amongst the population with 72% of us admitting to taking shortcuts to improve the cleanliness of the household as we value the opinions of others. Whether that’s hiding items in a secret junk room (29%), under beds (15%), the garage (12%) or even the dishwasher (8%), we are a nation that likes to keep up clean and tidy appearances particularly around the festive season. 

When it comes to preparing the home for unexpected guests or planned visitors around Christmas, Vorwerk also has the appliances to help – whether that’s setting off the VR200 Robot Vacuum Cleaner to tidy up whilst you take on your other jobs, the VG100 Window Cleaner to produce streak-free finishes or the VC100 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner to tackle surfaces and interiors quickly – we have you covered!

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