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How to get the house sparkling in no time: Ten-minute cleaning tips for the whole family

They say many hands makes light work, so get the whole family stuck into the household chores this summer.
Not only can cleaning become a fun activity for the children if you position it right, but it will also give you all more time to make the most the summer this year.

Here are some simple tips on how the family can help clean the house clean in ten minutes.

1. Get the children involved

In many busy households with children, the mess in the home is down to the children not putting their toys away. You find yourself asking them to help so many times that it can feel easier if you do it yourself. Well, no more! Turn tidying up into a game. Set up coloured bins and they have to put their toys into the right one. This gets them involved in a fun and interactive way.

2. Tackle one problem at a time

It’s best not to overwhelm your family when it comes to cleaning. Try assigning certain tasks to each member that way each person has their own responsibility and you can see the house transform together. You could even make it competitive and vote who is the best at cleaning.

3. Clean to music

Time really does fly when you’re having fun, so why not put on your family’s favourite songs whilst cleaning up and once one song finishes, you move onto the next task. This will make cleaning fun and you can even have a sing and dance along the way.

4. Ready... set... GO

If you need to give your house a quick clean, set your timer for ten minutes. Once the time is up, go around inspecting each room and create a chart which rewards excellent cleaning efforts.

And there’s even more help via the Kobold VK200 which can cut cleaning time thanks to its incredible ability to mop and vacuum at the same time.