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Love your pet but loathe their shedding hair? Here’s what to do with pet hair on textile fibres.

As a nation, we love our pets. They bring us a lot of joy, but can also cause us a lot of work. This is especially the case when their hair ends up spreading into all four corners of your home!
Animal hair doesn’t only affect the cleanliness of your home, but also your health. Substances bound to animal hair can trigger allergies, which is why hair is not only a problem for pet hair allergy sufferers. Especially those animals that spend a lot of time outdoors bring a lot of (partially invisible) dirt back into the house. It is therefore very important to thoroughly clean up all the dirt brought in from outside by your pets, before it poses a problem for people.

Vacuuming regularly to remove the hair is the best route to take, but there are also a few other, unconventional methods for getting rid of bothersome pet hair.


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How often should i vacuum pet hair?

You should clean your entire home, including any furniture that comes into contact with animal hair, at least three times a week. Vacuuming pet hair is the most effective way to remove it, as sweeping with a brush simply whirls the hair up. Your mattresses should be vacuumed regularly as well, and using appropriate vacuum cleaner accessories will help remove animal hair from furniture cracks and joins, where whole clumps of hair can collect unnoticed!

To remove pet hair from soft furnishings, cushions and curtains, a special upholstery detergent will be necessary. Using plastic gloves or a slightly wetted nylon stocking, dog and cat-hair can be detached from textile fibres, and then sucked away with your vacuum cleaner.

Six tips to prevent a pet hair allergy - what can you do to alleviate your symptoms? 

One portion of clean air, please! How HEPA-Filters can demonstrably improve the air quality in your room. 


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