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Follow these simple tips on how to keep your car clean

Anyone with children will know that children and tidy cars don’t mix – or rather they don’t stay tidy for long.  And with the school holidays just around the corner, for many it means that there will be more wrappers, crumbs and hidden surprises lodged between the seats, on the floors, or stuffed into every nook and cranny.

Here are some simple tips on how to declutter and keep your car as clean and tidy as possible.

1. Tackle the rubbish

Always keep a bin bag in your car so as soon as you and your family create mess, you can quickly put away the rubbish into a bag and dispose of it at your destination.  You could even keep a roll of bin bags in the boot so you’re never caught short.

2. Always keep wipes  

Sticky fingers which leave marks on the seats and windows are inevitable, especially when kids are involved. Making sure you have wipes at the ready avoids any build-up of stains as you can clean on the go.

3. Stay organised

Misplacing items has become a part of life, but to try and avoid this by making sure all important documents and receipts are in one place. You don’t want to end up throwing anything away because it was left on the floor in your car or the kids used it as a colouring book!

4. Ask others to do the same

The owner of the car isn’t the only culprit when it comes to the mess left in a vehicle. Friends, family and children have a large part to play when it comes to the mess. Give them a polite reminder to clean up after themselves, they wouldn’t leave a wrapper in your living room so why should they in your car.

5. Cleaning products

Cleaning your car needs to be as easy which isn’t always the case when your vacuum doesn’t quite reach those difficult areas. Our Kobold VC100 handheld vacuum cleaner is great when trying to get under the seats and reaching them tighter spaces.

Cleaning your car shouldn’t be a hassle and with these simple tips you can keep your car clean without even noticing.

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