Vorwerk Kobold

Top 5 ways to get your children involved in the spring clean

The big spring clean is a task that seems increasingly more daunting every year.

You worry there’s too much to do, you don’t know where to start and you haven’t got enough time to get it all done.

Well, why not get your children to lend a helping hand? Hopefully it’ll help you get the job done quicker and leave them feeling rewarded too! Here’s some sure-fire ways to get the family involved and time-save on those big spring cleaning tasks.

1. Offer a reward

Why not offer a reward for helping with the cleaning? This can be a great incentive for your children to get involved and it can be simple. Suggest they clear out their old toys and, in return, can choose one new one. Or even offer them the choice of their favourite meal if they tidy up their bedrooms – it can work a treat! They might even be rewarded if they get involved, as recent research by Vorwerk found that 13% of households found old children’s toys they thought were lost during a spring clean of their homes.

2. Cleaning surfaces

It may seem like a small job but really there are several surfaces in your house that could do with a good wipe. Get the children involved with some spray and a cloth and your surfaces will be gleaming in no time. It can even turn into a game – hunting for all the different surfaces in your house. And if your children are into gadgets, get them to try out the VC100 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner to make a quick and easy job of getting rid of crumbs on surfaces, laptops and in the car.

3. Vacuuming

Your children will love to get involved if you give them a little bit of responsibility. The attachments from our VK200 Homecare Cleaning System can help when cleaning the sofa which has crumbs down the cracks as well as pulling up pet hair or dust from small, tight spaces. We’re sure your children would love our VR200 robot too – and your tech-savvy youngsters will no doubt love getting stuck into setting-up the robot so it can map out its journey and get going… easy!

4. Laundry

Set your children the task of splitting up your washing into colours – soon one mountain of clothes will be more like small, manageable piles. They can even help load it into the machine if they’re accompanied. Once the washing is done, teach them how to fold too. You could even treat it like a game and pretend you’re working in a shop. Your clothes will be washed and folded in no time at all.

5. Dusting

A long feather duster is a fun novelty for children so why not let them get involved and help with the dusting? Be sure to move any breakable items first, then let them dust away! Using their feather duster to reach high and difficult spots they can watch the cobwebs vanish.

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