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Having a nightmare getting the kids involved in helping you clean up? Here are some enjoyable household tips to get everyone involved and loving it!
You know the drill – you ask your children to clean up and help with household chores and nine times out of ten it ends in up trouble instead of tidiness! Well not anymore! Here are some enjoyable household tips to help make cleaning harmonious.

“But Mum, that is child labour!“ or “I’ll do that later.“ are common replies that most parents are used to hearing when asking their children for help around the house. When it comes to children and housework, it’s an issue that causes a dispute in nearly every family.

Our offspring are creatures of habit, and just like anybody else, they can be reluctant to take on new (and particularly additional!) tasks. So how can you encourage them to help out around the house? 


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A bit of feedback goes a long way

All children love to help out with ‘grown up’ tasks, so let them help you out with appropriate jobs around the house. This will boost their motivation considerably and show them that you have confidence in their ability.

“Daddy and I have cleared up the flat in no time“, sounds much better to a child than “I must dust the living room“, right?

Make cleaning fun

Get children involved by incorporating fun games into the cleaning routine, such as a treasure hunt where you ask them to look for missing items and then put them away.


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Let your children know that your plants are also living creatures and that they need their care and attention. Giving your little one a plant to look after gives them a sense of responsibility, and so they’ll be much more willing to help out with the watering every now and again!

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