Vorwerk Kobold

Top tips for cleaning horror Halloween stains 

Trick or treat? From face paint and fake blood stains, to chocolate and glitter, here’s how to remove those hair-raising stains from the Halloween period.
Are your children dressing up for Halloween this year? Or maybe you’re hosting a Halloween house party?

Whatever you’re doing to celebrate the most haunted time of the year, Halloween can often lead to extra mess and stains which are tough to budge.

From fake blood on your clothes, to glitter that gets everywhere, here are our top tips on how to shift them.

1. Got more chocolate on your blouse than in your bucket?

Remove excess chocolate with a spoon, then rub soap into the stain until it starts to loosen up. Rinse and repeat until it’s gone.

2. Loathing the trick, not loving the treat?

Remove chewing gum from your clothes by rubbing an ice cube over the remainder of the gum until it hardens. Scrape away, then apply stain remover and wash!

3. Fake blood stains outstaying their welcome? 

To remove fake blood stains from fabric, dab the devilish stain with a small amount of make-up remover, then dry with a paper towel. Wash in warm water.

4. Haunting hair-dye on your best t-shirt

Soak your fabric in ¼ cup of ammonia mixed with 4 litres of water. Stretch the stain over a bucket, pour on the solution, and then rinse and wash away!

5. Gorgeous glitter all over your work surfaces?

Sweep up what you can and then roll some Play-Doh over the rest and watch those sparkles disappear!

6. Trick or treaters spread toilet roll out of reach?

Get the toilet paper down by wrapping a stick in plenty of duct tape, then use a ladder to get up and bring it back down to the bin.

7.  Egg everywhere after trick or treating?

An egg-cellent way to clean up the mess is by soaking a cloth in a half water, half vinegar solution and then place on the egg for 20 minute. Then simply wipe away and wash.