VF200 Carpet Freshener

Rugs and carpets turn your house into a home. The Kobold VF200 Carpet Freshener makes sure that they stay beautiful for longer with impressive and hygienic in-depth cleaning.

How to use the VF200 Carpet Freshener

  • Preparation

Fill the dosing container with the required quantity of Kobosan Active Dry Cleaning Powder. Depending on the level of dirt, one bag is all you will need for up to 7m2 of carpet surface.

  • Application

Guide the VF200 evenly over the carpet in parallel lines. The carpet is then covered with the appropriate amount of Kobosan Active Dry Cleaning Powder. Next, simply work in the powder by moving the VF200 across the floor in all directions.

  • Drying


Allow the powder to dry for 30 minutes with windows open. Then vacuum up the dried carpet cleaning powder with the EB400 Automatic Electric Brush and say hello to fantastically fresh carpets!

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